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Excited to start again

last night, looking at my studio and assessing  what I do and don't use, I had a revelation...
Throughout the early / mid 2000's I was buying more and more effects kit and bolting It onto a progressively larger pedalboard, along with two EDP's , ultimately I found that despite grouping all these tools together in one easy to setup board, I was actually playing it less... a LOT less, because it was big, heavy, drew a lot of power regardless of the task needed etc.
So last nights revelation saw me working through the night to split this setup into three elements
1. Misc Instrument board
A four input passive mixer > Boss Slicer > Line6 M9 > EHX Freeze > EDP + regular controller
2. Vocal Board
EHX Voicebox > TC Helicon Voicetone Harmony > Adrenalinn> EDP+ regular controller
3. Guitar Synth Board
GR-09 with Boss OC3 , Digitech SynthWah, Digitech Distortion Factory and Digitech Reverb in the effects loop

This change over has given me a new leap of excitement for this type of live looping after years of mainly midi looping, the smaller board sizes means that I can have the small instrument board in the living room with my battery amp and play my wave drum  or my kalimba through it without feeling that I am wasting all the other options that were tied to the "big board"
it also might let me use the guitar synth in band contexts where I used to feel like a bit of an idiot turning up with this massive one man rig just to play some guitar.
it also means that if a friend comes round to jam we can just sling a brother sync cable between the two EDP boards and route a second guitar through the vocal FX for some interesting sounds.
I have always loved my EDP's highly , but now I am really excited about coming back to this type of looping in a big way.
sorry for the over long pointless post, I just needed to share my excitement.