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Re: livelooping workshops

I would like to apologize that we (Aurisis, Kim, me, Andre…) never came to 
create that video. we did talk about it many times. but 12 years ago, 
producing video was much more complicated than now and we wanted it to be 
"serious", also because only later youtube lowered the standard 
drastically and now it looks like we were stupid to not just do it some 
simple way. 
we could still do it?
not so much for the EDP but for Echoloop, Moebius and Sooperlooper…
or keep it general, about evolution… :-)

On 20.Nov, 2013, at 6:38 PM, Steven Clements <sdclements@gmail.com> wrote:

> I echo (sorry) the sentiment that more looping tutorials would be a gift 
> to us all.  I recently purchased the beige Gibson Oberheim echoplex that 
> I maxed out the ram and updated the software with... Now I need to 
> figure this thing out
> :)