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Strange EDP SusSub thingy

Just been programming a few things into my Gordius, and suddenly realised that my Sus Substitute pedal wasn't working properly...

Im sure it should be correctly programmed Ive tried both

A# 10 SubstituteButton Virtually presses the “Substitute Button”
A# 22 SUSSubstitute Sustain Action Substitute

Im sure theres something weird in the preset, but dont know what.

This is whats happening. I can make a loop as normal with REC and OVERDUB and MULTIPLY no problem (mention that cos it might have been due to 0 feedback setting)

But now I hit this Sus Sub pedal and sound stops dead, and I get exactly 1 repeat. Exactly like Ive gone into Overdub, but with Feedback reduced to 0...

What is THIS???



Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe