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demo lesson for elementary school

I went to a job interview on Wednesday. The job is for a music teacher for an elementary international school here in Japan, 20 hours a week expanding to full time. They must be hard up for candidates, because my worst fear came true and they are still interested in me. If I decide to go to the next stage, I have to give a demo lesson. This is new territory for me and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on what I could do for a demo lesson that would get the kids involved. I think they will tell me the level, but it could be anywhere between ages of 5 and 12. Class size is 7-12.

I’ve been wracking my brain for ideas for what to do for a single class of kids I’ve never met, and I got the idea of live looping. I bet they wouldn’t be familiar with it. I am a very beginner myself with it. All I have is a Boss RC-2. I thought I could set up a four bar loop, get them all to clap and have each child add something. I’d need to do more than just that though, I think. That wouldn't take up 45 minutes. 

It would be really helpful if someone could point me to some online videos of teaching children, especially of the children being involved. I know there was a recent thread about workshops, but I didn’t follow it too closely and I’ve discarded all those emails. Also, I need to focus on things that are very basic and involve the children as much as possible.
Any ideas, tips and links will be appreciated.