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FS: Original Buchla 259e "Complex" Oscillator - $1250 US

Due to some car costs I'm selling my beloved 259e Oscillator. This is up
for s short sale so local pickup (phila PA) gets huge preference followed
by US sale or just plain quick payment :)

Best to email me direct: Legionhwp (at) Gmail (dot) com and include  phone
if you're in US to speed things up. Pics available on request.

This is the original "Complex" 259e with original graphics, etc. It is
currently V2.x and "Twisted" running perfectly and can be upgraded to v3.x
if you wish.

However, I'd imagine this would be most interesting for someone with a V2,
third party or DIY boat who wants to experiment with the earlier firmware
versions (including the wild "glitch" format that was "corrected" in later
revs). Once you go to V3 you can't go back so I've always kept this at V2
the original graphics are quite the bonus but , as I said, it can do
anything a new 259e can do as well. Choice is nice :)

Works fine, looks great. I'm asking $1250 US which I think is a DAMN fair
price for a 259e let alone an OOP version. If you're coming to my door
(literally, like knocking and handing me cash) I might be even a little
more generous but since I need to raise funds I'm not going crazy. Buyer
pays shipping (I pack well for free).

I'm Located in Phila PA, USA  with about 20+ years of good sale
references. Will gladly take more pictures or make demo video for serious
buyer. Sale is final and As Is so ask anything you wish upfront and I'll
be happy to accommodate.

I HATE and do not trust Paypal. (You shouldn't either). As a result I 
Bank transfer (buyer pays fees) or USPS MO. I MAY consider Paypal from a
verified account via bank transfer only (no CC) but we'd have to talk

First person to make this a painless and quick sale gets it. Thanks for
any interest and helping me get her to a good home

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