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Re: sudden Bidule problem, help!

You could take a closer look at what is using the cpu power with this free utility Process Explorer. I use it often. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx

Also some tips i have used http://www.alesis.com/tipsnov08

Also you might try this tip I had in my notes:

"1 - Processor scheduling should be set to background services and not Programs.

This is a very important tip and could make a significant difference to how low you can set your samples per buffer for your soundcard.

A lower samples per buffer setting means lower latency, which is better for vsti's and ASIO monitoring (if you use it).

Processor scheduling should be set to background services and not Programs.This has the effect of switching from more frequent and smaller CPU time slices (applications), to less frequent and longer CPU time slices (background services).

This allows the audio application or driver to "hang on" to the CPU for longer without interruption.

In addition, the background services setting also reduces the amount of "priority boost" that foreground window's threads receive.

Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance Settings > Advanced Tab > Background Services"

might be worth a shot...

Good luck!

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 12:03 PM, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:

I run Bidule with lots of plugins on a 32bit Windows Vista notebook, so far, without problems. Larger setups, as I usually use them, put processor usage to about 60-80% without playing anything - I often have to avoid certain VSTis or effects that are too much for the system, or the processor usage goes beyond 100% and the audio begins to crackle.

Today the same larger setups suddenly start at way beyond 100% - and I have no idea why this is. The computer itself doesn't seem more busy than usual. No other software is running, I deactivated all services that I don't need, processor usage is near zero.

What can I do? I have a gig tomorrow and what I planned to do suddenly doesn't work now.