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Re: iPad shopping

On Nov 28, 2013, at 2:51 PM, Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:

Have you seen those new Mackie mixers that use the IPad as the brains?  Kind of cool.  The guy who did our sound in Vegas had one and he could walk all over the room and check the sound/mix etc.

Yeah, I see those iPad-controlled Pas all over the place now. It's nice to have the sound person standing with you in your position while you're adjusting monitor mixes, and for her t be able to adjust EQ from various vantage points, etc.

If it was me, I'd get the smaller one.  I have an IPad 2.  Gathers dust except for travel and sometimes using V Control Pro - which makes pro tools sort of like the Mackie setup - you can mix from anywhere. But I don't use it all that much anymore.

for travel they're great.  Metronomes, tuners, portable recorder.  Kinda cool.

Is the technology sufficient that I can use an iPad for signal processing in a live performance? 

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