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Re: sudden Bidule problem, help!

I must say, after 10 years of trying to play through computers I am pretty 
tired of this kind of "mystery"
big OS's are temperamental. which means the work the least when you most 
need them :-)

On 28.Nov, 2013, at 6:46 PM, "Michael Peters" <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:

> I didn't change anything (at least not consciously), nor did I install
> anything. The computer should behave just as it did two hours ago. No
> malware, yes I rebooted of course and tried different usb ports for the
> soundcard, no difference. The cpu usage is displayed at the bottom of the
> screen in Bidule, it starts at 130% and I have no chance even if I mute
> several plugins. Very mysterious
> -Michael