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NW LoopFest Videos

Hey Everybody,

At looooog last I am uploading the final video from the NW LoopFest in
Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon (USA).  It was been about two
weeks of non-stop video, video, video.  It is rough, raw, real and all

Sadly, there are a couple of unfilmed performances and Rejyna has all of
her own footage which she has promised she will upload at some point.
Missing Eric Buchner's looping of instruments from around the world is a
tremendous disappointment to me.  But I am comforted by the many hours of
footage from all the other wonderful loopers that I did get.

I'll be cutting up some of the longer ones from people who did individual
"songs" into individual clips over the next month but won't be posting
those to the FB group.

Right now the 56 videos have over 1,000 collective views from artists
ranging from noise, to ambient, to songs, to those who use looping as a
subtle part of their show.

Please check them out.  They (and me!) would all love for you to watch,
like and comment on them.  And post your own video in response!

You can find them on youtube. They are on my channel:

Or you can search them under "2013 NW LoopFest".  That will pull up a
couple of other videos shot by performers and an audience member or two. I
know ANI has one of her shows posted on her website www.ani-web.com and on

San Antonio LoopFest videos next week!



Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209