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Re: Help with finding a looper?

I can do all that with my boomerang III with the sidecar controller. I understand that you can now sync two boomerang 3's together, you might want to contact them and ask some questions about it.


Paul Haslem

Ontario, Canada





On 04 Dec 2013 10:15, Mike Fugazzi wrote:

I tried some solo looping stuff like this:






I then got away from it for nearly two years.  I used to have a Boomerang III, but I no longer do.  I am interested in starting up again and am looking for a FLOOR based looper with the following in mind:


1.  The ability to record and pull up presets that I can than record on top of.  This would help with live performing and start up times.

2.  The ability, like the BIII, to serial sync at least two loops.  The best part of the BIII was having four separate loops synced together.  I could start and stop every "instrument" to create dynamics.

3.  Something I can use with just my feet.  I don't want to bend down to load and unload presets.

4.  Something with all start/stop.


It sounds like *maybe* the DT JamMan Stereo would work, but you can't call up a preset and add to it, or am I misunderstanding?  Can I load a preset and then record a second channel of loops synced to it?


For my format, what I want to do is call up a preset of beatbox and bass singing and then control another loop of vocals and harmonica that I can than manipulate.