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Re: reducing "time to setup"--

Could you please elaborate on ways you've found to minimize this "rampup" time?

Very interesting.
I mean, this is THE question.

Andy says "learn to go directly into overdub without waiting for the layers to "go round", that makes a big difference", I agree !

My answer use technology. I mean, I try to don't lost song time to :
- change the track to record (my loopers use 5 different tracks)
- mute / unmute tracks
- change intro to verse, verse to chorus, chorus to verse...
- switch the instrument (guitar, voice, keyboard...) to record in next loop
- change the guitar effect preset (different for verse/chorus)
- change the keyboard preset (different for verse/chorus)
- change the tracks volume
- change the instrument entry volume
and all that in real time...

If you have to "go round" to do that, while doing a "foot switch dance" on the pedalboards, adding nothing more on the song just telling the machines what they have to do, my opinion is that it's wasting time while the song is playing, and not very interesting for the spectators.

There are technical solution to solve this, even in 100% hardware setup. Using a full midi looper, midi equipment, midi pedalboard and a midi automation. I'm working on such a live setup. My goal is the artist ONLY play while all the other thinks are done automatically.

(this was my 1 cents)
(sorry for poor English writing)