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Re: mobius on a windows tablet?

For light looping just about anything built in the last 5 years
should be fine.  The amount of memory is more important than
the speed of the processor.  I consider 2GB of RAM the absolute
minimum.  You don’t need much disk.  USB 2.0 is fine if you
have an external audio interface.  If you want to use the internal
audio you’ll need to use ASIO4ALL and the quality won’t be as good.

One problem repurposing old computers is the amount of
crap they’ve accumulated over the years which can impact the
performance of audio applications. It’s best if you can wipe
the disk and start over with a fresh OS install.


On 12/6/13, 4:03 PM, "Rusty Perez" <rustys.lists@gmail.com> wrote:

>HMMM, yeah, just looked at some prices. I want a new looper, but I'll
>have to find a more brokefriendly way. :-)
>I'm going to the mobius web site to look at system requirements. Maybe
>I can repurpose an old laptop/notebook. :-)
>On 12/6/13, Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> wrote:
>> For a tablet like the Surface running Windows RT, the answer is probably
>> no.
>> I don¹t know a lot about it, but there are limitations compared to the
>> Windows 8 and I think you have to get everything through Windows Store,
>> can¹t just install random software on it.
>> A tablet running the full Windows 8 might work, but I would be worried
>> about interfacing it with audio hardware. These tend to be light
>> on system RAM, the Lenovo model I¹m looking at has only 2GB which
>> may limit how much audio you can record.
>> Normal tabletish Windows 8 computers like the Dell XPS12 work fine.
>> Jeff
>> On 12/6/13, 3:39 PM, "Rusty Perez" <rustys.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>Hi folks,
>>>Is this even possible? Has anyone tried?
>>>I am just not in to the idea of a full blown computer on stage with
>>>me, but a tablet might work. :-)