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Boomerang III or mobius--sooperlooper

Hi folks,
I've decided that I've long outgrown my rc20xl.
So, help me decide which of the above options might be best. :-) I
know, it's like arguing religeon, but ...

I'm a guitar player/singer/percussionist.

Things I don't think I'll need, at least for now:
-Prerecorded loops
-more than 4 loops ... but one never knows I guess.

Should I get a boomerang III or a software option such as mobius or
less likely, sooperlooper.

I like the following about the rang:
Self contained

Questions about the rang:
Can I multiply or divide at all? What other vital features might I be 

mobius and other software  options

What I like:
The sky is the limit with features

What I don't like:
Dealing with a computer on stage, midi cables to my fcb1010, sound card.

So, your thoughts?