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Re: Re: What can blind and visually impaired loopers do?


I missed some of this thread so please forgive me, but I'm not sure what kind of music you want to accomplish.
Do you play instruments or do you go the beatbox/voice/microphone route?

The reason I ask is that I saw a demo of the new Roland RC-505 in Paris
and it blew me away for anyone who is either
1)  using the beatbox/voice/microphone route where one's hands are free or
2) the re-looping route of manipulating loops (ala a producer in a studio) after the fact in a live context.

It seemed really powerful with lots of effects, multiple loops, synchronized or un-synchronized loops.

I owned a whole gaggle of sophisticated live looping devices in my career from multiple Lexicon midi-synced Jammans to Electrix Repeaters to Gibson EDP Echoplexes to Line 6 DL-4 and M-9s to the Looperlative LP-1 (8 separate channels and sophisticated processing of each) and now,
the LP-2 Mini Looper whose design I was heavily involved with
and I WANT AN RC-505  after that demo.    That says a lot!

good luck with  your quest.

yours,  Rick Walker

PS Heavy kudos, props and respect to Cara Quinn for pioneering live looping for the visually impaired many years ago. Cara was really inspirational to me as a looper. She's the one who interested me in becoming involved with experimental composition using text to voice editors (several tracks of which
are on my 'Faux Voix'  EP).

Thanks, Cara!!!