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RE: difference harmonix 45000 and boomerang 3?

> sure you can, you just need to mute and un-mute to move from one section
to the other.  
>  You have four tracks, they can be four parts of the same section or four
different sections (un-mute to move).  

Yes ! That's EXACTLY what I was doing with my 2880, before the 45000 born,
to emulate the "verse/chorus" feature, with my pedalboard.
But the problem was, you have to be very accurate on the pedalboard to mute
from the verse to the chorus, because it mute instantly, just as you press
the switch !
On the 45000, with the loop concept, the problem is solved : you press the
switch of the pedalboard everywhere in the verse, and as the verse is
finish, it continue with the chorus.

> I haven't read the manual or anything, but I'm guessing mute is part of
the midi implementation?

Oh yes, really, and very simple to use : just send a Program Change or a
Control Change for the track(s) you want to mute / unmute, and it works!...
(you can even come to the initial volume fader value as unmuting, it 
the value you came from, before the mute)

> They all keep rolling while the "current" loop is playing back so that
allows some creative possibilities that are not available (as far as I
understand) on the boomerang (e.g. drop the needle on location within the
loop other than the beginning).  Reminds me of a certain four-track looper 
used to own...

Yes !

> Sylvain

(Sylvain, French I guess?)