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Re: Lexicon

On 12/12/2013 19:40, Neal Trembath wrote:

There's really no chance of finding someone who can alter the Lexicon 
Vortex's software to recognize a larger amount of memory, is there?

I imagine it would take a lot of work to understand the existing software.
(in machine code with no documentation).

There are people who have done similar, for instance reverse engineering
the fcb1010 and giving it new software.

...but having found them you'd have to motivate them to do it
...i.e. pay them

 (The service manual states that memory can be increased from 256 K to 
1024 K, but, from what I've read, the software won't recognize it.)

The software automatically divides down the loop time to fit within 2s.
So without software change no 8s Vortex.

I wonder if it's possible to slow down the processor. So everything
goes 2x or 4x as slow. Sound quality
would suffer tho'.

While Kim was optimistic on this point, I don't think it's
easy to de-solder the old chips.
(removing a rotary encoder is hard enough)
Normally the removal process would destroy the old chip,
otherwise it's too easy to damage the circuit board.