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Re: mixers and feedback loop

i have no limiter hardware so i have to buy one have you advice to choose  a good limiter(not a 1000 bucks hardware)

2013/12/12 Sylvain Poitras <sylvain.trombone@gmail.com>
I've never played with feedback, but a signal is a signal is a signal.  
I'd put a limiter before the input of your fireface and record away.  
Try with a cheaper audio interface if you need to build confidence first.

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 6:56 PM, julien <urbandtribe@gmail.com> wrote:
hello i use to play with my mixer to make feedback (i put the out in the in of others pists)to make some noise. i want to record it with my soundcard(rme fireface 400) is this someone who made this cause i don't want to broke my sound card have you advices?