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Re: BeatBuddy pedal: I'm David Packouz

Hi David!
First of all, from a relative newby, compared to others on this list, 

I happen to be a blind musician. The only reason that's important is
that screens and menus tend to complicate things for me.
But, actually, most of us strive to not be shoegazers when we play anyway. 

I understand that the beat buddy has a small display on it. I'm
wondering how much the user must depend on the display in  a live
performance situation. Must you menu-dive to change patterns, drum
sets tempo, ETC?

Also, is it possible to configure a midi pedalboard to perform tasks
with the beat buddy which would otherwise need to be performed through
menu -diving and button presses?

If these questions aren't clear, please let me know.


On 12/23/13, Singular Sound <david@mybeatbuddy.com> wrote:
> Hey Loopers!
> My friend Andy Owens said you guys were discussing the BeatBuddy on your
> forum and that I should join the discussion.
> I'm sorry it took so long to get here, as I thought it was a "regular" 
> web
> forum and that confused me for a bit.
> Anyway, what have I missed? What have I not missed that you want to ask 
> me?
> Keep Rockin',
> David Packouz
> CEO/Founder