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In search of a multi-effects stompbox


I'm looking at a setup which, in addition to one microphone (to pickup instruments, as well as noises), consists of a mixer and some effects, more specifically:

Mixer: Mackier 1202VLZ Pro
Effects: Korg KP3 (connected to the Alt 3/4), Boss DD20, Digitech PDS8000, EH SMM w/Hazari, Line6 M9 (via the Auxes).

I used to have a Zoom G2.1u guitar pedal as a multi effect in that setup, but removed it, as it isn't very intuitive to play. So right now, I'm looking for the following to complement this loop/delay-heavy setup:

1. Stompbox or tabletop form factor,
2. Not too large (up to M9 acceptable, better more like DD20),
3. Can be powered from PSU,
4. Multi-effects (i.e. more than one effect at once, and reasonable choice of effect types),
5. Variety (i.e. not a second M9).

I have been looking at the Zoom G3 (flexible, cheap), the EH Tone Tattoo (analogue) and the EH Epitome (not really funny for the job, as I don't need that polyphonic guitar synth thingie at all).

More details of the discussion: http://moinsound.wordpress.com/2013/12/30/in-search-of-a-new-multi-effects-stompbox/

Question: What would be your recommendations for this? Any pro/cons on the aforementioned devices?



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