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Y2K12 and Y2K13 MAIN LOOPFEST T-shirts for sale

Our wonderful artist for the last two years,
Liz Ness,   has created two commemorative
t-shirts (and other shwag) for the last two
Y2K12 and Y2K13 Looping Festivals.

Here's here store at Cafe Press.com

Thanks so much , Liz , for you wonderful work
and tithing of your artistry to the festival.
We're really lucky to have such a fine artist on board!

Happy New Years, Everyone,

Rick Walker, founder
Y2K14 International Live Looping Festival

PS.   We decided to go with Cafe Press because they have no minimum orders.
This makes the t-shirts more expensive than they've been in the past, but I've designed and sold five Loop Festival t-shirts over the years and I always lose money and it takes up way too much time
with shipping, etc.    This is how we'll do the t-shirts from now on.