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Contacting Looperlative?

Title: Contacting Looperlative?


Sorry to bring "personal" business onto the list, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what else to do.

Back on January 5th I ordered an LP2. I very promptly received an email from Bob that he was out of town and wouldn't be able to ship me my unit until the following week (which would have been last week). No problem with that from my end.

I tried to respond and let him know I was OK with the wait but my message bounced back immediately with an error message about problems in the header. That has happened every time I have tried to email him since. A quick search indicates it has something to do with certain providers and spam filters not playing well together.

I'm not overly interested in running down that rabbit hole; my main concern here is that Bob knows that I received his message, so:

Bob, if you're reading the list these days, I got your message about being out of town. That's cool. My lack of response is technology-based, but I am wondering when my unit will ship and by what method. Not because I need you to rush or anything. I just want to know when I should be on the lookout for it and from whom.

If any kind soul who is in regular contact with Bob could let him know about this message, I'd be most thankful.