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Re: Listen to Galactic Travels

Hi there,

I'm not sure if self-promotion is allowed on this thread or not but I wanted to introduce myself and what I do to this community. I recently released my debut solo album 'Blind Theatre' through a label called Just Music, here are some nice things people have said about it -

"Sam Thomas revitalises the most maligned words in music: post - rock to stunning effect. Its quite possibly our favourite track of the year" - Liverpool Echo

"Its almost unthinkable that someone can do anything truly new with guitar music anymore, as 60 or 70 years of it has exhausted so many possibilities, but we've never heard anything quite like this before. A wonderful introduction" - The Sound Of Confusion

"Brings a provocation to thoughts and emotions as well as opening up visions and imagination to go along with its evocative sounds and ideas...a wonderful piece of composing and realisation incorporating a rich soak of invention and thought. Sam Thomas is destined to make a major impact, his creativity transcending and inspiring so many genres and flavours" - The Ringmaster

Since releasing the album I've got into looping in a big way as it's the only way I can come vaguely close to resembling the album live on my own! If anyone's intrigued by what I'm up to there are some links to videos below and also a link to my website. My album is on the usual spotify/itunes etc...

Many thanks for your time, Sam.

A looping duet I did - 

I had one opportunity to do a live-in-studio performance with a full band - 

Some footage from a solo and loop-tastic live show I did - 

e - sam@samthomasmusic.com
t - 07972543748

website - samthomasmusic.com