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Re: Re: Contacting Looperlative?

On 1/23/2014 6:51 AM, paulrichard_rocks wrote:
The principle should get someone to manage communications (a neighbor, mistress, et.).

I would have bought one a while ago but I didn't want to deal with the headaches.

Maybe that's a mootpoint if the stock isn't there any way.

The looper looks very impressive.  I hope they are available soon.

What you need to know, Paul, is that no one here is making any money whatsoever on this project
and we all have very busy artistic lives.

Bob has never seen dime one from all the amazing instruments he has created. Consequently, we just have to fit this into our lives when we can. It's amazing given the demands of his truly strenuous day job and the raising of a family of five that he's even been able to create anything, let
alone some very hip instruments.

Does that make it un-pro.......................you bet!!!!!

But trust me, it's really a fanastic little piece of work and it is so far advance from ANYTHING in it's price range right now, that once we are satisfied it's finally ready for prime time, everyone who gets one will be appreciative.

Does it do everything everybody wants it to do,    No!   Not even close.

Does it have midi sync I/O?
Does it have storage of  8 loops to SD cards?
Does it have multiple retrigger functions (including retrigger once, retrigger continuous, retrigger random)?
Does it not have, virtually infinite undos, sequentially?
Does it have 1/2 speed/double speed , 1/4 speed/quadruple speed and 
Does it have feedback (with an undo set at every 15% of feedback reduction with an expression pedal not provide)? Does it have 16 different functions that can be called up in real time with your foot yet only using four foot buttons?
Can it run for 12 hours on 6 AA batteries,
Does it have the footprint of only two boss stompbox pedals?

The answer is yes and all for $300 USD.

It's gonna be great and we all apologize for the length of time that it has taken it to deliver it to the market. We also apologize for how difficult it's been for people to reach Bob and for those frustrated with how long it's taken to get refunds and product.............profusely!!!!!

In the long run, it just is what it is and we are extremely close to having all the problems sorted.

yours,   Rick Walker