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Re: Re: NAMM this year

On 1/25/2014 11:07 PM, Cara Quinn wrote:
Got a chance to catch up with one of our own awesome loopeis at NAMM today.
Amanda Chaudhary was ubercool, and took time out of her day today to come by the Korg booth where I was chillin' with some dear friends and say hello!   We had a cool lil' chat. Amanda is super nice!   So Thanks a bunch Amanda! :)
I hope other NAMM-goers from here had a great show and got to connect up as well.

I was sorry to miss NAMM this year but was honored by the Kuumbwa Jazz Center on Thursday
with a Retrospective of my life in music.......an amazing show that had 15 incredible musicians
making up 10 different ensembles to help me recreate my musical journey since I began live looping
in public in '95.

It would be wonderful to see you both again, Cara and Amanda.   It's been a long time,  though I follow your
posts avidly.

See you both at the Y2K14 Looping Festival next October?    I hope so,  I have a spot reserved for both of you if you would
like to come perform again.

yours,    Rick