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RE: Livid Instruments Guitar Wing


I’ve buy one.


The problem was I was first thinking it works only with a computer for a DAW.

I don’t use computer live.


So I email Livid, who explain me it can work in MIDI :

“It has a dongle that sends class compliant USB MIDI. There are USB MIDI to Din host boxes out there, so using a box like this yes! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rzF4i_tPQ8

We are working on our very own 5PIN din converter box too if the campaign is a success.”

And now on the FAQ : “Guitar Wing uses Bluetooth to communicate with a USB MIDI dongle. This means that setting up a Bluetooth connection between your computer and Guitar Wing is not necessary. The USB MIDI dongle is also driver-less, so there is nothing to install when connecting to a computer. A simple way to visualize the path is:

[Guitar Wing] <-> [Bluetooth] <-> [USB MIDI dongle] <-> [Computer]

You can use a device like this to use it without a computer https://www.youtube.com/watch…”


So, we can use it with a Kentron or iConnectMIDI4+ USB MIDI => MIDI interface, to pilot a midi device (such as a LOOPER…) directly from the guitar, wireless…

Perfect for me…


Marc – La Rochelle - France


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Envoyé : samedi 25 janvier 2014 23:36
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Objet : Livid Instruments Guitar Wing


Lots of things to grab at your wallet this time of year.
This one got my money.

Wireless MIDI controller clamps to your guitars lower horn.
5 Pressure sensitive pads | 3  Touch faders
| 6 Rubber function buttons | 4 Side selection switches
Three axis accelerometer