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FS: MXR Phase 100, Boss DE-200 CHeapO!

Selling a few cool and cheap odds and ends. Full info and pictures up at:
http://daedsound.com/Salez/FS.htm Other cool stuff up there too (I combine

1. Boss DE-200 - $75

Boss DE-200 knob ridden rack delay unit. These are underrated vintage
boxes with lots of personality and real time control.

Knobs include:

Input level
Delay Range
Delay Fine adjustment
Mode switch
Hold Switch
Modulation Rate
Modulation Amount
Feedback Level
Direct Out level
Delay Out level

This is a great classic 12 bit delay with Looping and an internal LFO so
insane sweeps and noises.

Use for:
- Flanging (awesome industrial/robot effects)
- Chorus
- Pitch,
- Freakish sound effects
- Straight classic spacey delays.
- Amazing sweeping and warbles with built in sine wave modulator

ALSO it has AUDIO SYNC!!! Throw a classic trigger in from a TR808 or old
beatbox (or make one from your computer) and it will sync up to your beat.

This one has been used and has some wear but is fully functional and in
good shape and works 100%

Asking a DIRT CHEAP $75

More info and demos: 

2.MXR Phase 100 Pedal in Box - $60

Great shape MXR Phase 100 Pedal (model 107). Sound like Keef on Some Girls
- or not!  Juicy analog swirls with four settings for phase and speed
knobs. In great shape in original box.
Demos and more info: http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/m107-phase-100

I greatly prefer US MO or pickup in Phila PA. I may consider paypal
personal from folks I know or confirmed buyers with a few caveats.
Basically these are cheap and if you want them please make it easy and
they're yours.

Will consider trades towards a Les Paul case, or EH POG II.


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