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I started playing guitar in the surf era and wanted to play like my heroes 
the Ventures. In the late sixties put the output of a small Silvertone amp 
directly into a bigger Silvertone amp and had some nice distortion, trying 
to emulate Jeff Beck. A friend showed me how to take the guts out of a 
Gibson Fuzz stomp box and replace them with the guts of a portable tape 
recorder, - again looking for that nice sustain. This same friend built me 
a box, which I called my ‘crazy box’, which I used in ‘Listen', the band I 
was in in England from 1970 to 1973. I took up classical guitar in England 
which I think helped our band win the first ever Melody Maker rock contest 
(because we gave some relief to the judges' tired ears by starting with an 
acoustic number). I didn’t play as much popular music as I would have 
liked for much of the 70s until my senior recital where I wrote some 
originals for a big band with a string quartet and horn section. 

Recording-wise: Two track portables in the sixties, four track Teac in the 
1970s. When I got to Japan in 1981, I got an eight track Teac and an old 
broadcast mixer, then a 16 track Ampex, then a 24 track MCI, and 32 
channel Quad Eight board for my home studio. Sooooo glad to get rid of 
that analog stuff and transfer everything to ADATxts and eventually to 
computer. Suits my way of working much better. Still working on bringing 
back some of those old tracks to life. There are a couple from the 
eighties I recently added to my soundcloud account. (see link below)

Ed Durbrow
Saitama, Japan