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At the height of my looping adventure (years ago now) mixers were still huge and so the smallest footprint with the most flexibility was Radio Design Labs components I wired together so that everything lived in the pedal board. It was fantastic. High quality, low noise, tiny (as long as you get the power supply module so there's only one "wall wart," the biggest part of most components.) Each component was specialized---a 5-channel mixer with knobs was the largest, a little larger then two decks of cards but all the others are just slightly larger then a matchbook and each dedicated to a specialized task or two... A 3 input mixer (2 mic, 1 line), vise versa (2 lime, 1 mic), a switcher, a noise gate, etc, etc. with each instrument on a noise gate, I reduced my need to switch down to just a few things, like electric guitar to acoustic guitar.)

I still have them, actually. On case I ever want to go back that route or need just a few things. I might be talked into selling them but at a 3/4-of-new rather then 1/2-of-new like most used gear because I don't really want to sell them. But times are right and for a fellow looper who actually needed them... Anyway, last time I checked RDL was still in business. 

Remember, there are NO JACKS 1/4" or XLR.... You wire your gear directly in and turn small screws to clamp them down or change levels. That's how your footprint gets so small. 

Much simpler, now that technology has advanced, would be an actual mixer if you don't need to make it ultra small, and now a days, there's good/small options I'm sure. But I have to Rick... Buy quality preamps with low noise, like Mackie and do not be seduced by Behranger's price point in less you like lots of noise in your signal and crap sound. 

P.S, all, I have a Vox Lil' Looper for sale. Used Once, in a cabin. Do, absolutely like new. Email privately if interested. 

Good luck. Let us know what you settle on. With a diagram maybe. 


On Feb 7, 2014, at 4:48 AM, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

You need a mixer, Dave.
There are large amounts of them, with different stats, sizes, weights and prices
out there.

I, myself, due to the high quality pre-amps on board,  highly recommend the
Mackie VLZ series of mixers which come in many, many configurations.
The Behringer mixers look identical to the Mackies but DO NOT have the same high quality
mic pres in them.     If you want to go pro,  I'd avoid them at all cost.

Rick Walker

On 2/6/2014 1:38 PM, Dave Kline wrote:

For my live rig - I want to be able to switch off between instruments - violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar etc mid song at times. So I want all the instruments set up going through some sort of buffered multiple input device that will then give me the option of mono out or stereo out, so I can go to PA, or amp or through a looper into PA or amp

It would have to handle hiZ as well as line level. I dont' really need mic inputs, preamp not needed

Simple, compact, can sit on the stage, but not fragile and it's gotta sound good

Any suggestions?


Dave Kline