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2014-02-07 21:14 GMT+01:00 Daniel Thomas <danielthomas4@mac.com>:
You need a mixer, Dave.
The mackies are good.  The behriners noisy - an thin sounding.

This, really, depends a lot on model family and generation. E.g. earlier generation (90s MX series) Behringers had weak micpres, which were noisy and "thin", but the rest of the mixer was far less noisy than the Mackie counterparts. In the early 2000s, Behringer had made considerable improvements to the micpres, and was also able to gain advantages from large-volume manufacturing. Incidentially, Mackie mixers are built in the very same Chinese fab as the Behringers, but the Behringers reach a considerably higher yield rate (which is mainly owed to the fact that in their quality process, they don't do rework in case of failing ATP and just scrap, while the Mackies have then rework with questionable process quality). All in all, it really depends on the actual model...