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Re: bulk cassette tapes (was Re: TapeVille has become much more successful since my last LD post about it!)

They're yours.  I'll contact you off list.

On 2014.02.20 3:37 pm, Oliver Whitcroft wrote:
Ello ello, been making four tracks for years but would love to do some
mini mass production if you still have the tapes good sir

Let me know



On Thursday Eli, February 20, 2014, sean <fuckthespam@creepingfog.com
<mailto:fuckthespam@creepingfog.com>> wrote:

    topic hijack:

    anyone in the sf bay area interested a box of bulk disc makers blank
    cassettes (150+)?  they are like 20 years old, unused, chrome, with
    clear shells and cases.  either 60 or 90 minutes (or a 50/50 mix).
      free for pickup in san mateo.  save them from an ignoble end.


    On 2014.02.20 9:29 am, Tyler wrote:

        Hello, loopers, especially those of you who use tape loops. My
        mailing list, TapeVille,
        for analogue tape-related discussion, has quite a number of
        regular subscribers, anywhere from 40
        to 50, as opposed to 5 or 6 when I posted about it. Want to talk
        about audio tapes? Just
        join the mailing list on this website:
        Tyler Z