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Re: LP1 firmware is now open-sourced

9 months later...

I was wondering if the LP-1 'community' would benefit from this decision.  It doesn't seem like anybody is taking this and running with it.

I can't even tell what version this is on Github. I poked through the source, but found no hints.  Is this the long awaited but never released 1.40 ?

any unlikely news on this topic is welcome, thanks


On 6/9/2013 12:15 AM, David Lamkins wrote:
I was just doing my weekly check of the Looperlative board, only to find it no longer responding. I backtracked to the top of the domain, and found this:

"Looperlative the maker of the most advanced hardware looper on the market is going through a redesign.  Please forgive this interruption of service but it is necessary to get caught up with commitments to all of our existing customers.  Looperlative will once again sell advanced loopers after all existing commitments are satisfied.

Looperlative is also announcing the release of the LP1 firmware source code as open source.  We are now providing a snapshot of the sources as of June 1, 2013 to the open source community.  You are welcome to modify and redistribute, but we have placed under the GNU Public License version 2.  This simply means that if you distribute a binary of any of our code, you must offer our source code and your modifications of our source code to the public.  Commercial entities are welcome to contact us for proprietary licensing contracts.

The LP1 source code is now officially available at: