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All tracks command in Mobius

Hey there Mobius Ninja's,
 I like to end pieces on a fade when i use My looperlative LP-1 , and yet 
in Mobius, there doesn't appear to me an "All Tracks"  command  I can 
initiate so that i can the reduce the feedback for a natural fade out.  I 
assume its some kind of script and someone mentioned " Focuslock" as a way 
to tell all the tracks to do something, but I would rather it be a simple 
"all track" command and not tied to something else, because sometimes I 
like to tell all the tracks to fade away (reduce feedback), sometimes to 
all drop an octave, sometimes to all go in reverse, sometimes to do the 
hocky pocky, and I don't really want to create a different command (and 
different midi preset) for each possibility, so a single command that says 
"hey all of you tracks , get ready for the next command. Is this possible?
 Thank you kindly