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RE: All tracks command in Mobius

Wow , nothing like going to the well!!  Thanks  Jeff and Per,,  but perhaps my general question got lost in all of the specifics. More simply put, I  want to have a preset that simply queues All of the tracks,  I like this because I don't want to to have different presets for each of the different things I want "all" of the tracks to do, just a general All Tracks Que.  reducing the feedback of all of the tracks is just one of the things I Like to do after initiating an All Tracks command, changing the track speed is another, reverse is another, changing track speed and direction at the same time is another  each of the commands I just mentioned are important enough to me to have dedicated foot, keyboard or button control over, so again I ask:

Is  it possible to have a script that, in essence tells Mobius " All tracks,  wait for next command?" 

I hear what you are  saying Jeff about using volume reduction instead of feedback to fade tracks. I'll take that under advisement. Do you see issues with crashing the program reducing feedback on all of the tracks at once?I have gone from track to track reducing the feedback individually  and not had any problem. BTW I have for years in my hardware usage had a dedicated CC pedal for both volume and feedback, as I do now with this laptop rig. To be honest, the script code is still like a foreign language to me, so Im a bit flummoxed and daunted to think that some of the 5-6 part scripts I've grown accustomed to on the looperlative are simply beyond me in Mobius. And the terminology is so different anyway.  Per , your lovely poetic waxing on the subject aside, I still don't really understand secondary feedback, though from the tenor of your passionate oratory , I desperately want to :-)
 Thanks brother dudes

PS  Sustain Substitute and Sustain Replace  seem to behave the same way when set to sub cycle quantization. How are the different?