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Re: "Repetition defines music"

I think it depends on the genre and expectations of the listeners.

There is this terrible collection called "thats what I call music"...;-)

Though I love repetition in music (I even adore it...;-), definitely the statement that repetition is a key requirement for music is certainly wrong! Undoubtedly wrong! It just looks like it, especially if you are personally attracted to music which is played and repeated over and over on the radio...

I listen to a lot of avantgarde - new music. Its music even for most people who don't like it particularly. Some of these compositions would avoid repetition as principle. All of that is music...

Btw. the same applies for harmony...

But I believe music has to do with our exceptional highly developed skill for pattern recognition. Of course a repeated loop is a pattern almost too easy to recognize. If there are variations within the pattern, it will be immediately more interesting. By listening to repeating patterns, we can train ourself to focus our perception on the difference, and will find details which change all the time, and which would not be recognizable within a non-repeating but similarly sounding environment.

Anything you believe that would "define" music is an illusion! It is only a frame within music can happen. There is no universal rule for those frames. But most people mix up the frame with the music...

No matter if you listen to blues or contemporary music, if you have a preference for a style, that means you know the frame and long for the music within. People who are not familiar with a specific style usually can't recognize the music within, and reject it as non musical or "bad" music...

just some thoughts...


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