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Re: wikipedia page on livelooping

He has a good point. I have a bunch of confetti here, not tomatoes.
Tyler Z
On Mon, 24 Mar 2014 21:42:53 +0000, andy butler wrote:

>On 24/03/2014 21:28, Mike wrote:
>>Just my 2 cents... but using loops in the studio environment or 
>>performing with 
>>any sort of prepared media, while a valid use of technology and a 
>>option, isn't looping to me. Looping is all about watching a performer 
>>create a 
>>musical tapestry right in front of you.
>>There is nothing, and then the performer makes a sonic work of art. When 
>>by a talented and creative musician, it's breathtaking.
>>I've seen singles and duos, or even full bands, play with backing 
>>tracks, and 
>>I've seen performers that do true looping (my definition), and the 
>>latter is 
>>more spontaneous, interesting and much preferred.
>>Alright, let the tomato throwing begin. ;^)