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Re: "Repetition defines music"

Am 27.03.14 03:14, schrieb Yahoo! Inc©:
the one thing that all music has in common is duration. all musical
pieces last for a length of time, even if it ridiculously long:

I would immediately compose two musical pieces which contradict this statement:

1. No duration: "Let the past sounds stop inside of you immediately, the piece is over before it began..."

2. Infinite duration: Move along the fractal line of the Mandelbrot set increase the pitch if you turn right, decrease it if you turn left. Pass on to your children before you die...

Pieces with infinite length exist a lot, they stop only for practical reasons. Most sound installations are meant to go on for ever and can be constructed in a way that they never repeat. (all of my installations are of that kind...)

I still would agree in general though. You could say Music is organized sound. But a lot of sounds I here as music just happen. No human being involved...

Maybe music is simply divine, but that is not a scientific term...;-)


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