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Re: Echoloop Stutter MIDI

On 07/04/2014 06:59, Philip Clevenger wrote:
Any Echoloop users have Hidden Knowledge…?

Looking for a way to execute a Stutter operation with a single MIDI command (via 
note from Little Giant)…

a) Set Insert mode to Stutter, and then:
b) Execute Insert command.

I’d really rather skip that first bit
Am I missing anything

Yep, 'fraid so :-)

Stuttermode is just a variant of Insert,
where instead of the loop being muted
you hear the latest Cycle repeated. (with Feedback adjustable on EDP, but 
don't know about Echoloop..don't think it is)

It's just an emulation of the hardware, which was kind of a happy accident
which created a feature with hardly any programming.

"single midi command"...'fraid not

You'll have to program a couple of EDP commands and a Gordius loop

do a Startpoint(edp)


end repeat(lg)

The delay can be a fixed number of mS
(in which case the number of mS can be put into the End Repeat command)

OR you can midi-sync the LG and do it by beats.

Just one button press.


Phil :)