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Help with error message 9


My Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro was in storage for a few years and now when I go to turn it on (even after resetting by holding down the "parameter" button on startup), the unit powers up, shows my 198 seconds of memory, and then shows a number 9 in the LED window AND my feedback light is lit up yellow with nothing plugged into the unit. I am not able to get the unit to enter "record" or do anything else. Was thinking maybe the eprom chips may have oxidized and may need to be reseated.

Can not locate ANY info on error messages in the PDF manual or anywhere online.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! My last choice would be to send it to British audio in Nashville where I have been told that Shane is an expert, but this would probably cost at least $100.00 or more to ship and have it looked at.

Thanks to anyone who responds from this cool community!!



Jeff Cloud
Cloud 9 Recording Studio
Oceanside, CA

www.jeffcloud.net (guitar)