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New York - ISSUE Project Room 23rd & 28th of April

Hi list,

I am back in New York this year and will perform with Catherine Christer Hennix at ISSUE Project Room on 23rd of April. Drone music exploring and combining blues, makam and raga scales. I assume the long delays I put in being loops, though they repeat only 4 times...;-) We will have 5 brass players and three singers, one of them being called the "rocking Imam" from turkey. I add the delays and create some extreme low sub bass by putting two instruments into a Hilbert transformation to create difference tones... We had exceptional good sounding subs in Krems last year, that time we had a horn for the subs. Does anybody know a place where to get a sub horn in New York for a "no budget left" performance???

On 28th I take the opportunity and will perform with Nina Goedé another "My mont d'or - film in the making" project. Creating a real time sound track to images and videos from trips to france and through a whole life...

See you there...


The "Mont d'or" performance isn't listed on the Issue Project Room site as it supposed to be a private event, we can't promote it through their site...


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