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Listen to Thought Radio

Please SHARE so that more people can listen to and support the artists.

Thought Radio, the Saturday edition of The AM/FM Show, is now weekly, every Saturday 6 am EDT/GMT-4. On April 12, in Phase One, I will continue the special on Sequences Electronic Music Magazine's sampler CDs and will play music from the 30th Anniversary reissue of "Structures from Silence" by Steve Roach as well as music by AirSculpture who will be playing at The Gatherings on May 17. In Phase 3, I'll play music by Beardfish who will appear at the next NJ Proghouse concert. Also playing at NJP will be Elephants of Scotland.

The show features electronic, ambient, and spacemusic at the beginning, an eclectic mix of genres in the middle, and winds up with Progressive Rock.

Tune in at 91.7 FM or on the internet at http://muhlenberg.edu/wmuh/stream.html