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Pigtronix Infinity, was, DigiTech JamMan Express XT / Jamsync / All Stop/Start

The Pigtronix Infinity looper is worth a look,  I've been checking one 
out, a very well thought out pedal that will do everything you wanted and 
more, great for two part song forms, synced or un-synced,has an undo 
function , and also has features that ambient loopers could love such as 
loop aging (feedback) reverse and half speed.  The manual is very easy to 
read, They spent a long time developing this pedal and it shows. Switches 
are smooth  Also has the capacity for firmware upgrades as they add more 
features, which they already have done. You would need an extra 2 button 
momentary switch to do everything its capable, but its foot print would be 
not much bigger than two  JammanExpress XT's side by side with cables 
connecting them, you would also need two power supplies instead of one 
(most tiny footprint digital pedals can't run on a 9 volt battery), yes it 
would be more money, but you are worth it :)