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Ethos Overdrive for sale

Greetings, loopers.

Before I take this to ebay, I thought I'd give you all a crack at my VERY little used 2013 Ethos stomp box. 

It's got the TLE/Classic Switch, but none of the new-for-2014 options. I'd hoped it might rekindle my languishing guitar playing but other factors interfered, so after a brief happy testing period when it arrived last July (maybe 6 hours max...?) it's just been sitting idle in its box ever since...making me feel bad for it.

It'll probably post at ebay with a buy it now of $425 plus shipping (fits in a medium Flat Rate Priority box IIRC; I've got all the original packaging and papers), but I'd rather it go to looper for some reason, so I welcome offers and will hold off for a week or two.


1096 Winchuck River Road
Brookings, OR 97415-9384

Recent ebay history on the thing: