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Re: Ethos Overdrive for sale

As Bill Walker will tell you, the Ethos is a totally magic box.  Takes tweaking but it's the one gizmo that's always on!

Its funny you say that Richard, I've had a few people buy these on my recommendation, and I'm surprised that a few of them took me to task, because they weren't able to make the overdrive channel work for them.  Which is odd because i didn't design or build it. I think its harder to get a consensus on what constitutes good overdrive, than good clean tone, and most everyone is enamored of its clean voice both direct and in front of a tube amp. In fact its the one piece of gear Ive used in the last 6 years that has remained a constant. Though my Zendrive gets plenty of use flitting from board to board.  I find it interesting that Custom Tones (Ethos) will be unveiling a clean channel only version of the Ethos this summer, for peeps who love the clean channel and love other drives pushing it, which I do. I think for some, the dirty channel simply doesn't saturate as much as other drives they are used to. For me, because I switch from instruments with thick strings and humbucking pickups to ones with thin strings and single coil pickups I appreciate the more dynamic, less distorted response of the dirty channel because it doesn't get too compressed and muddy with the former, and I can always push it harder with another drive, clean boost, or compressor to get the extra saturation with the later. When I bought the Ethos, I was tired of messing with modeled amps and I didn't need 57 varieties of amplifiers, just one really good one. I have definitely gotten my monies worth.