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a polyphonic harmonizer in bidule

Title: a polyphonic harmonizer in bidule

posting this here too because nobody replied to my Plogue forum post yet. I know there are some Bidule wizards here so ...

There's a feature I'd love to add to my current setup: a polyphonic harmonizer by using several (say: 6) instances of the wonderful monophonic GRM FreqShift plugin. Of course I'd like to play the notes for the harmonizers on a midi controller, say, a Nanokey. Ideally, the 6 plugin instances should be switched off by default to save processor power, and they should be switched on when receiving a note-on, and switched off at note-off.

I'm sure something like this has been done before often. It seems to me that chords that I might play on the controller have to be somehow split into up to 6 single notes (using a Nanokey, 6 single CC messages) which then get sent to the corresponding harmonizer. What would be the simplest way to do that in Bidule?