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Re: Ethos Overdrive for sale

  the Clean Ethos will be approximately half the size and half the price, 
and he is taking orders now

  Im with Chris Muir, though I don't own an H-9 I sure as hell would like 
one, Why, because I could access algorithms I like from the whole factor 
series library with ought having to own  them all, and though I love my 
timefactor, it would be nice to have a real editor librarian to work with, 
 I think the mod factor has something that if not exactly mimicking a 
uni-vibe, could get something so luscious and Hendrix-ian, you would pause 
and think, what would Jimi do? and then you would realize he'd play an 
H-9, if it had been available… of course 

 Im not sure if you are yearning for a ring modulator or not but some of 
your descriptions are hinting at that  
 budget but well rendered versions can be found on line 6 M5 through 13,  
dedicated ones, I tried the new Moog,which  was very lovely,  in a robot 
vomit /attack of the alarm clock-bots sort of way.

this just reinforces my belief that there is an overdrive born every minute