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Re: Saving complete Mobius configurations as a single file...

Hi Bob,

Here's a possible third way:
First create the different Track Setups and MIDI Control Bindings
setups. Then use a script to load any needed configuration of the two.

This worked well for me many years and many Mobius versions ago. I had
to call those scripts in reset mode though, or else it would crash
Mobius. To keep theses "global setup switches" apart from the usual
commands I use to perform with Mobius I only assigned them to
on-screen buttons in Mobius. I can't promise this works with the
current version but it might be something to look into and try out.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Robert Craig Thomas
<robert@robertcthomas.com> wrote:
> Using various configurations of Mobius, each complete Midi-control and 
> Track
> config loaded from a single saved file...
> I am trying to save and later load completely different configurations of
> Mobius, so that I can simply use one configuration for one looper piece 
> and
> then load a different configuration for the next piece. I’m using 
> Windows 7.
> For example:
> Load and use Midi Setup/Track-Sync Setup A
>    - A specific Midi-command setup for FCB1010 (Midi Command Setup A)
>    - A specific track and sync setup: 8 tracks, no sync, each independent
> (Track-Sync A)
> Instantly Load and use Midi Setup/Track-Sync Setup B
>    - A completely different Midi-command setup for FCB1010 (Midi Setup B)
>    - A track and synch setup with Copy-timing/Sync to Loop/etc 
> (Track-Sync
> B)
> So far as I can tell, the Midi setup is saved in one place and the
> track-sync setup in another place, with some data saved to the XML.  
> Which
> is to say, it seems that Mobius saves various parts of itself in various
> places, which makes it difficult if not impossible to do quick-loads of
> complete configurations.
> Right now my solution is to have a Mobius-Master Directory (the registry
> install directory) which I work out of, with my various configurations 
> saved
> in separate directories (MobiusA, MobiusB, etc) and then I use a DOS 
> batch
> file to delete the contents of the Master directory and copy the 
> contents of
> MobiusA or MobiusB or whatever so that I have a complete configuration 
> that
> is available with a single keystroke.
> Does anyone have a better solution to this?  I’ve read large parts of the
> manual, but saving everything as a single file seems impossible: one must
> save configurations and midi control settings and projects all 
> separately,
> as they seem to be various parts of the whole.
> I’ve thought of trying to create a registry key for each version of 
> Mobius
> that I can instantly load to point Mobius to a new directory, but I’ve 
> not
> figured out how to do that. Another thought was to create a variable that
> points the Mobius registry location to a different directory, but so far
> I’ve not been able to figure that out either.  The batch file seems, so 
> far,
> to be the simplest way to quickly load fully different configurations of
> Mobius 2.5.
> Any help or suggestions or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks much,
> Bob Thomas
> --
> Robert C Thomas, Gütersloh, Germany
> Handy 0176 504 36157 - Home 05241 307 1777