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Logelloop 3 is released

We are glad to announce that Logelloop 3 is released!
For several months now we have been working hard to create this new version of our multitrack looper. We changed a lot of things, the audio kernel, improved several features, reduce the audio latence, fixed hundreds of bugs, improved the friendliness of the software… In the very long list of new features there is Project system, a new macro core, a Slicer, a Multitrack output recorder, a convolution reverberation, OSC communication, and many more…  

Logeloop 3 license is free for all Logelloop 2 licensed users.

You can download Logelloop 3 at : http://www.logelloop.com/?lang=en

Logelloop 3 is still only for Mac. But we are working on a Windows version.
Please tell us if you want to be informed when the beta test of Logelloop 3 for Windows  will begin.

Philippe Ollivier