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Frisell Film

Title: Frisell Film

If, like me you are an admirer of Bill Frisell's skill and artistry, this may interest you.

Emma Franz is the director of Intangible Asset No. 82 (http://intangibleasset82.com/). It's a marvelous, engrossing film and you can stream it on Netflix if you're connected to that service. (I spell it service , but I pronounce it "lifeline" ;^)

Ms. Franz is putting together a film on Bill Frisell and to my Frisell-worshipping eyes and ears, it looks fantastic. She is attempting to raise the money she needs to finish the film on indiegogo. The campaign ends in 10 days and she is about 2/3 of the way to her goal. Here's the pitch:


Since this is the film I have often dreamt of being able to see, I chipped in. If you are similarly moved, I personally thank you. Of course, I'm nobody, but like I said, I really, really want to see this film.

So thanks,