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Re: Boomerang setup

I can't I've you any advice about the boomerang, but I can tell you that 
you should try the Fender Acoustasonic before you buy it, and compare it 
with other acoustic amps.
You could try the Roland AC60 or the Marshall AS50D (the fender announces 
150watts but actually it doesn't sounds like 150watts, even not as a 
100watt amp...and it sounds worse than both Roland and Marshall, even 
trying with the Fender's different presets)
That's my opinion....


> El 03/08/2014, a las 13:37, jarrod <sinclairsigns@hotmail.com> escribió:
> Hi, I am new to looping and was wondering if anyone would be happy to 
> provide some advice on looper/amp set up?.  I have a boomerang phase lll 
> with an electric acoustic and small amp.  Ready to upgrade the amp I'm 
> looking at a fender acoustasonic 150.  I plan to run a mic (Shure sm57) 
> for vocals directly into the amp.  But I would like an additional mic 
> for some percussion instruments that I could loop through the boomerang 
> along with my guitar, and I'm not sure how to do both, and what else I 
> might need?.  Appreciate any helpful assistance.  
> Cheers, Jaz.