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Live performance with Boss RC-50

I've had the boss rc50 loop station for a while, and have played with it some, doing with it what is pretty easy to figure out.  Recording phrases, adding phrases, all that stuff is pretty easy, but when I consider trying to take it to a live context, I get pretty confused and frustrated.  First of all, if I try to play an electric guitar through it, into a guitar amp, the signal automatically sounds distorted even on a clean setting.  Is this normal?  It sounds alright if I output the loop station to my PA system, but it seems like I should be able to use a guitar amp.  Then there's the tempo guide.  It seems necessary to use this feature if I want everything I'm looping to time properly.  However, I don't see a way to send the tempo guide strictly to the headphone out, which would be ideal.  It seems that I can send it to either the main output, the sub output, or the main and the sub output.  This does not make sense to me, can anyone explain.  Lastly, I'm trying to find a way that I can play a composed backing track from my logic pro software, while being able to loop guitar and vocal stuff that will stay in tempo with the backing track.  I am imagining that there could be a way to sync the pedal with logic so that the tempo grid in logic forces the one on the pedal to stay with it.  Has anyone tried this?  Is it possible?